Doors for Walk-in Coolers

Pallet Doors

Our standard pallet door is 60″ wide x 84″ high with a variety of other sizes available. This door features heavy duty steel strap hinges to prevent sag, interior safety release handle, urethane foam insulation, engineered wood reinforcement for strength and long life. We offer optional heavy duty door kickplates that are ideal for high abuse areas.

Standard Overlap Doors

CrownTonka’s standard door is 36″ x 78″ x 4″ thick opening. Doors up to 72″ wide x 120″ high are available. Our urethane foam insulated door features a heavy duty latch with inside safety release and cam lift type hinges. The standard walk-in door is pre-hung. With all larger or pallet type doors, the mounting holes are predrilled only. All freezer doors and jambs include a 115v heater wire around the perimeter of the jamb and are designed for easy access and replacement if needed. A variety of kickplates and jamb guards are available to help extend the door life.

Flush Mount Doors

CrownTonka’s flush mount door is designed for easy access and egress. It is fully self-closing with magnetic gasket and hydraulic closer. Other features include heavy duty spring-loaded hinges and interior safety release handle. Standard size is 36″ x 78″.

Door Options - A variety of metal finishes, view-port safety glass window, foot treadle opener, door protecting kickplates and jamb guards.

Industrial Cold Storage Sliding Doors

The CrownTonka Sliding Door is designed with value in mind: economical, durable, and easy to operate. Features 4″ thick door panels with foamed in place non-CFC, Class I, UL Listed, Urethane Insulation and heavy duty hardware. Available in cooler or freezer applications. All freezer doors are equipped with heated door jamb and come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Glass Display Doors

Glass display doors are used in a wide variety of applications. The doors are available in different heights, widths, and finishes. The standard display door includes heated glass and frame, shelves, lights, support post, and price tag moulding. Display doors may be ordered with many options, including the following: lights, gravity flow shelving, merchandiser rack, floral merchandise rack.

Reach-In Doors

CrownTonka offers a full line of urethane insulated reach in doors for coolers and freezers. We provide doors to the actual size specified with 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ being standard. Finishes to match walk-ins.

Double Acting Doors

CrownTonka offers a wide variety of double acting doors. Some options are: wood core, foam core, fully gasketed, jamb guards, extra kickplate, or bumper guard protection and viewports, as well as finish options including stainless steel aluminum, glass-board, and a wide variety of ABS colors, etc. to match both customer specs and decor.

Replacement Door Frames

CrownTonka offers rugged urethane insulated replacement doors. Should you need to change the size of an existing door, we can also provide a frame to accommodate most walk-in applications. Doors include heavy duty cam lift hinges. Latches include inside safety release handles. Options available are heaters, kickplates, and viewports. Finishes per your request. Doors up to 48″ are pre-hung when ordered with frame.

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